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Ultra clean liquid dye
Change the inherent thinking of dye production. By using new process technology, we have developed and produced a series of ultra-high strength liquid dyes with high dye uptake, good enhancement, and improved color fastness. The COD of dyeing residue is reduced by more than 60% compared to existing similar powder products, achieving energy conservation, emission reduction, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement for users.
Super clean dispersed orange black ZX-EWT300%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange black ZX-ECT400%(liquid)Super clean dispersed blueZX-EPL300%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange dark blueEX-SF300%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange dark blueHGL200%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange dark blueHGL300%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange bright red ZX-GS200%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange bright red ZX-GS300%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange carbuncle ZX-2GF200%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange carbuncle ZX-2GF300%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange ZX-ERL300%(liquid)Super clean dispersed orange ZX-RSE300%(liquid)
Green disperse dyes
The company utilizes the advantages of self-produced intermediates such as reducers to deeply extend its terminal products. Highlight specialization, refinement, and standardized operation, produce low-carbon, green, and environmentally friendly dyes, and actively meet the development needs of the market.
Dispersed orange RSE300%Dispersed black EX-SF300%Dispersed blue EX-SF300%Dispersed dark blueHGL200%Dispersed black LDB400%Dispersed black DRD400%Dispersed special black DDR500%Dispersed dark blueHGL300% Dispersed dark blueHSF300%Dispersed bright red GS200%Dispersed bright red GS300%Dispersed carbuncle SE-2GF200%Dispersed carbuncle SE-2GF300%
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